GIVING GRACE Is More Than Just Beauty Care Products. GIVING GRACE Is A Way Of Life. It's Choosing To Commit To Finding A Deeper Connection With Yourself & Our World. It's A Devotion To Practice Self Love Through An Intentional Act Of Self Care, & Then One Day Realizing That Giving Grace To Yourself Comes Easier & Easier. It's Learning To Embrace Your Truest Form Of Beauty, The Beauty That Is Always There But Often Times Is Covered Up. GIVING GRACE Is About Stepping Into Your Truest Expression Of Self. Rekindling The Embers Of Sovereignty Within Your Soul That Beckon You To No Longer Wear A Mask But Show Up In This World As Your Truest Self With Confidence & Grace.

Years Of Research Went Into Creating Giving Grace's Formulas. We Knew We Wanted The Most Advanced Scientific Ingredients With Research Backing Their Effectiveness, But Also Holistic Botanical Extracts & Oils.

Most Women, Regardless Of Age, Would Love To Feel Beautiful Without Makeup. Sadly, We Live In A World Where Taking Care Of Our Natural Beauty Comes Second To The Instant Gratification Makeup Can Provide.

All Of Our Products, Whether For Face, Body, Or Hair, Are Formulated With Luxury, Cutting Edge, Scientific, & Botanical Ingredients That Halt Aging In It's Tracks & With Continued Use Reverse Signs Of Aging Such As Dark Spots, Wrinkles, & Sagging Skin.

Our Biggest Hope Is That You Will Wake Up Feeling Confident When You Look In The Mirror. With Our Products & Suggested Methods Of Use, You're Able To Create An Intentional Self Care Routine That Fosters Confidence, Grace, & Deepens Your Sense Of Self Love.

Another HUGE Concern Was Of Course The Environment & Our Home, Planet Earth! Our Products Wouldn't Be Possible Without The Wonders & Beauty That Nature Provides.

You're Probably Used To Pumping Product Out Of A Bottle. We Have An Old School Approach, A Slower More Intentional Method Of Using Your Beauty Products, That Doesn't Involve Using Plastic Pumps, Lids, or Containers. Would You Try Something New If It Meant Less Plastic Would Be Put Into Our Environment?

Plastic Takes Hundreds Of Years To Decompose & Even Then It Still Leaves Behind Microparticles. The Beauty Industry Is The Number One Contributor To Plastic Waste Pollution With Over 146 Million Tonnes Of Plastic Being Discarded Each Year.

Our Formulations Come In Recyled Glass Containers That Are Cork & Wax Sealed (Both Are Compostable)! All Shipping Materials Are Made From 100% Recycled Material, & Everything Is Compostable & Biodegradable.

We Chose Not To Use Any Aluminum In Our Packaging (Most "Eco-Friendly" Businesses Are Using Aluminum As A Better Option Than Plastic). While Aluminum Is Infinitely Recyclable, The Mining & Refinement Process To Make Aluminum Harms Our Environment. If Not Recycled, Aluminum Leaches Toxins As It Decomposes.

We Chose To Use Cork Because It Is By Far The Most Sustainable Option. Harvesting Cork Requires No Machinery, Does Not Disturb Local Habitats, & The Oak Cork Tree Is Not Harmed. The Tree Will Regrow Its Outer Bark Which Can Then Be Reharvested. Cork Is A 100% Natural Material.

Although You Aren't Able To Pump Your Product Out, You Can Use Your Fingers Or Our Signature Agate Gua Sha To Scoop Product Out & Then Apply. 

Better World Starts With Better Decisions.

Zero Plastic Intuitive Beauty.

Intuitively You Desire What Is Best For You. Create An Intentional Self Love Routine With Scientifically Proven Effective Formulas.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty With Confidence.