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Jade Gua Sha

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Jade Is A Soothing Crystal That Brings A Sense Of Calmness & Peace. It's A Popular Crystal To Use In Gua Sha Massage Because Of Its Cooling Properties. 

 How To Use A Gua Sha:

First, Apply Botanical Brilliance Facial Oil Or Any Moisturizer.

Forehead: Take Your Supporting Hand To One Side Of The Forehead & Hold. With The Other Hand, take The Flat Side Of The Gua Sha & Run It Along The Forehead To The Hairline. Give The Gua Sha A Small Wiggle To Encourage Lymphatic Drainage. Repeat On Opposite Side. 

Eyebrows: Using The Heart Shaped Top Edge, Start At The Side Closest To Your Nose & Glide The Gua Sha Along The Brow Bone Towards The Temples. Give A Wiggle & Repeat On The Opposite Side.

Under Eyes: Hold The Nose With Your Supporting Hand & Rub One Of The Curved Edges Underneath The Eye Line To The Temple. Wiggle & Then Repeat On Other Side.

Cheekbones: Place Your Supporting Hand Above Your Mouth. Take The Flat Side Of The Gua Sha So That It Covers The Length Of The Cheek & Rub Upward Towards The Ear. Wiggle Back & Forth Then Repeat On The Other Side.

Jawline: Place Your Supporting Hand In The Center Of The Cheek. Take The Two Pronged Side Of The Gua Sha & Angle The Centre Of Your Chin Into The Curve Of The Gua Sha So That There Is A Prong On Either Side Of The Jawline. Rub Along The Jaw To The End Of The Ear. Give The Gua Sha A Wiggle & Repeat On The Other Side.

Neck: Place Your Supporting Hand On The Collar Bone. Take The Long Curved Side Of The Gua Sha & Rub Upward To The Jawline. Wiggle & Repeat.

Key Ingredients

Rose Quartz

Details & Directions

This Is A Natural Jade Crystal & The Hue Of The Crystal Will Vary.

Gua Shas Are A Great Way To Connect With Your Inner Being, Practice Self Love, & Create An Intentional Self Care Routine.

Feel Good & Look Good After A Gua Sha Massage!

Always Make Sure Your Gua Sha Will Easily Glide Over The Surface Of The Skin By Applying A Facial Oil, A Serum, A Moisturizer, Or A Body Oil If Using On The Body.

Wash With Soap & Water After Each Use.

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Jade Is A Protective Stone Thought To Bring Harmony & Attract Good Luck. Soothe Your Mind, Reduce Anxiety, & Release Negative Thoughts While Performing Gua Sha On Your Face and/or Body.

Gua Sha Technique

There Are Many Benefits Of Gua Sha Both With Your Outer Appearance & Your Inner Wellbeing. Gua Sha Releases Toxins, Promotes Blood Circulation, Reduces Sagging Skin, & Can Help Prevent Wrinkles. These Benefits Are Enhanced By Also Creating A Deeper Connection With Ones Self That Fosters Self Love & Worth. 

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